Ammon Bundy should start a Sanctuary Ranch

AZBD Note: Ammon Bundy should start a Sanctuary Ranch where he can house, clothe and feed illegal aliens. Maybe he too can experience the destruction to his cattle ranch that Arizona ranchers live with on a daily basis having water lines cut, fences torn down, and trash left everywhere. Congrats Ammon Bundy as we present you with your Full Retard Achievement.



Ammon Bundy is best known as a leading light of the American militia movement (a motley coalition of various different flavors of firearms enthusiasts who hate the federal government). He’s famous for getting into armed standoffs with federal agents and violently occupying bird sanctuaries. His friends are the kind of folks who co-chair pro-Trump veterans groups; his father is the kind of man who says, “I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro” — and proceeds to explain why black people were “better off as slaves.”

So, this being 2018, Bundy naturally just disavowed the militia movement in solidarity with the migrant caravan, suggested that nationalism is actually the opposite of patriotism, and said that Trump’s America resembles nothing so much as 1930s Germany.

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