AZ Gov. Brewer writes a letter to Barry. Does nothing herself to stop the invasion.

AZBD Note: Gov Brewer could stop this invasion any time she wants. She can send the AZ National Guard to the border. She has the authority to start a State Guard specifically to protect the border (she signed the bill herself but has not acted on it). She can also have DPS officers arrest the illegal aliens dropped off at the bus stops (SB 1070). She is doing none of these things. Her letter to Barry is all for show.


On Monday, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer called on the Obama Administration to end its “dangerous” policy of dropping off hundreds of illegal immigrants apprehended in Texas in Arizona. She also blasted the federal government for not giving Arizona a heads up, saying state officials first found out about the “unconscionable” policy through media reports.

“I urge you to end this dangerous and unconscionable policy immediately and instead take actions to fulfill the federal government’s fundamental responsibility of protecting our homeland by securing our nation’s borders,” Brewer wrote in a letter to President Barack Obama.