Border Audio – Rio Grande Valley, Texas 07/19/14 – 0000~2400hrs

07/19/14 – 0000~2400hrs 

15 minutes of condensed audio  (click on link below)  Note change to MP3 audio format

Note: Yep… we’re here on the ground in Mission, Texas…. just north of “ground zero” for the invasion of
illegal aliens… aka…. UACs  (“Unaccompanied  Children”)…. aka… “Obama’s Children”.

Look close at the picture of Anzalduas Park…. south of Mission on the Rio Grande River.  The big grassy area is on the US side…. the
“Resort” across the Rio Grande is on the Mexican side…. the point of embarkation for “Obama’s Children”.  Its a real cat an mouse game….
….. the Mexicans charging for rides to the US side on Jet Skis under the watchful eyes of BP and Texas DPS patrol boats.  We didn’t see
any illegal crossings during the day….. a BP agent told us the action is at night

The Border Audio at the link above was gleaned from 1 day of actual US Border Patrol and Texas DPS radio “in the clear” transmissions from this area.

We saw as many Texas DPS officers on patrol near the river as BP agents.  Every dirt road we turned on that led to the river had
a Texas DPS patrol car sitting on it.  Thanks to Governor Perry, the Texas DPS is filling in for the Border Patrol while  BP is dealing with the  “diversion”  of the flood of UACs across the river.

Also note the border fence which is on top of the levy and the opening in the fence so the farmers can get to their fields which are on the south side of the fence but still on the US side north of the Rio Grande River…… Hmmmmm !

Stay tuned… more to come!