California’s Moonbeam Jerry Brown Visits Mexico–To Speed Up Reconquista


In the midst of an illegal alien invasion facilitated by our own federal government, the governor of America’s most populous state just took a trip to Mexico, apparently to help things along.

The governor: none other than the famous Edmund Gerald “Jerry” Brown, Jr., known by some as “Governor Moonbeam”, whom Dick Morris and others think might run for the Democratic presidential nomination against Hillary Clinton. See VDARE.COM’s file on Jerry Brown here.

The trip was organized by the California Chamber of Commerce and included

“…a delegation of more than 100 state government, business, economic development, investment and policy leaders. Delegates paid $5,000 each for the four-day trip, which is subsidizing the cost of Brown’s travel.”

Jerry Brown to meet with Mexican president, Politico, July 27, 2014
Brown was also accompanied by wife Anne Gust Brown and, significantly, by five (!) Mexican consuls general (those posted in Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose).