AZBD Note: And the Republican party wonders why it its loosing voters.


Majority Leader Eric Cantor offered a new explanation for why he supports granting amnesty to individuals brought into the country illegally as minors, often called “DREAMers” in reference to the “DREAM Act.”
It’s “Biblical,” he said in a local radio interview.

“I’ve always said that there’s a Biblical root and a tradition in this country that says we don’t hold children liable for their parents’ acts and when you have kids who may have been brought here let’s say at 2 months old unbeknownst to them and they’ve been here all their lives and they want to serve in our military, my position has been I agree with that principle,” he said. “They should be allowed to serve in our military and be allowed to become part of this country as a citizen, but not their parents. Not the ones who committed the illegal act. So this is the difficulty,” Cantor said this week on The John Fredericks Show.