Cartel Horse Rescued by Border Rancher Later Saves His Life


SONOITA, Arizona—An American border rancher had no idea that his decision to save a pair of wounded horses roaming the desert would one day save his own life—actually on two separate occasions. The rancher, Bevan Olyphant, came across the horses ten year ago while visiting a neighboring ranch after they had been cut loose by Mexican narcotics smugglers.

“Jackson has saved my life several times. He can smell smugglers,” said Olyphant of one of the rescued animals. He said there have been two occasions where he would have unwittingly stumbled upon Mexican narcotics smugglers carrying AK-47’s on his ranch had it not been for the rescued horse. Olyphant said that spending several days in the desert makes one smell bad and that smell causes the horse to remember the people who so badly abused him. “He tenses up and starts snorting, he let’s me know when they are nearby,” he said.