Child migrant crisis: Protesters in Oracle, Ariz., face off over expected bus

AZBD Note: Thank you to all AZBD members, members of other groups, and American Patriots who came out to stop the buses. We outnumbered the Pro-Invasion/Anti American protesters by around 200 to 75. Our side works for a living and theirs does not but we still outnumbered them.


Many protesters in Oracle expressed anger over the large number of young border-crossers, but others hoisted welcome banners. The bus itself, expected to carry up to 60 young migrants, didn’t materialize Tuesday.

ORACLE, ARIZ. — The prospect of a busload of migrant children rolling into this small Arizona town Tuesday brought out dozens of protesters, ready to block the vehicle from reaching a temporary shelter.

Although the bus didn’t materialize, the protesters still made their views known. Using bold letters, placards expressed anger and frustration over the large number of young and illegal border-crossers coming into the United States from Central America: “Take them to the White House,” “Stop the invasion,” “Get out of here.”