Congress CAN pull financial rug from under Obama’s immigration amnesty

AZBD Note: When the Republicans DONT do this, will you finally understand both major parties are controlled by the same people?


Conservatives in the U.S. Senate got a powerful weapon on Wednesday in the battle over whether they can pull the rug out from under President Barack Obama’s plan to mainstream millions of illegal immigrants into American life.

Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, the Republican’ top budget hawk, has unveiled a Nov. 21 memo from the Congressional Research Service (CRS) explaining that Congress can legally strip funding from America’s immigration enforcement agency – including funds the agency raises on its own through fees it charges Americans and foreigners.

That news will put fuel in the tank of right-wingers who want to paint Obama into a corner when the GOP controls both houses of Congress in January.

Citing ‘Congress’s constitutional power over the purse,’ the CRS – Capitol Hill’s official nonpartisan research arm – instructed Sessions that lawmakers can pick and choose what executive branch agencies can spend money on.