Conservative U.S. Hispanics Aim to Stop Amnesty and Big Government


In response to what they view as deceptive media propaganda portraying all Hispanics as supporters of amnesty, illegal immigration, the welfare state, big government, and other causes, two liberty-minded leaders with Latin American ancestry launched Conservative Hispanics of America to fight back. In an exclusive interview with The New American, CHOA founder Andy Ramirez explained why such an organization is needed and what the future might hold for the budding alliance.

While the group will focus on a variety of different projects, the primary goal will be to educate the public and policymakers about the concerns of conservative American Hispanics. According to Ramirez, there is a real absence of liberty-minded Hispanics in the public arena, and that needs to change — especially because leftist and collectivist groups purporting to speak for all Hispanics currently dominate the limelight in terms of press coverage and lawmakers’ attention.