Conservatives Rally Against Amnesty on the Capital’s Streets


An eclectic crowd of protesters gathered today for the March for Jobs rally in Washington, D.C. The march, which was peppered with “Don’t Tread On Me” flags and bright-red signs reading “No Amnesty!” wound its way down Pennsylvania Avenue and then up Constitution Avenue, ending near the Senate wing of the U.S. Capitol. The Black American Leadership Alliance, Tea Party Community, and the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny were its sponsors. Representative Steve King of Iowa — a darling of those opposing the Gang of Eight’s legislation — spoke both before and after the march.

“You don’t sacrifice the rule of law so you can have undocumented Democrats!” the Republican legislator pronounced, to raucous applause and cheers. He also argued that only three kinds of people would support an influx of cheap labor: “Elitists, who want cheap labor to clean their houses and mow their lawn. Then you have power brokers that know that it’s cheap votes. And then you have employers of illegal labor who want more cheap labor.”