Despite Border Patrol’s best efforts, our border is still wide open

AZBD Note: The author of this article has been out on 3 or 4 recon missions with us over the past few years. It’s always great to show a concerned citizen what goes on out on the border. We’d like to make one comment. This is the fault of POLITICIANS FROM BOTH PARTIES. The border has been wide open for decades. Unfortunately with Obama’s illegally declared amnesty and the Republican parties willingness to fund an illegal act of a tyrant this is a problem that is coming to a city near you. America will be transformed into a third world cesspool. You best be prepared because we’re past the point of no return.


It’s a cat-and-mouse game, and the mouse is still winning. In spite of the best efforts of our Border Patrol agents, drugs and humans keep coming across our border with Mexico.

I recently returned from my seventh trip to the border. Our Border Patrol agents are trying to do their job, but they are being hampered by bureaucrats and “open border” initiatives put in place by President Barack Obama’s administration.

On this trip, I went out with two local groups, the Arizona Border Defenders and Arizona Border Recon, both comprising activist citizens who want to help us secure our borders by augmenting what the Border Patrol does.

The Arizona Border Defenders are from Tucson. Their members come down on weekends to service cameras they have placed in the desert that transmit live video images when the camera’s sensors detect movement, which may be cattle, illegal aliens or Border Patrol agents. They see the video images on their cellphones, wherever they may be, and alert the Border Patrol if they see anything suspicious.