DHS official: …’our southern border’ is now with Guatemala

From examiner.com:

On Wednesday, Assistant Secretary of International Affairs and Chief Diplomatic Officer for the Department of Homeland Security, Alan Bersin, told a gathering of the United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce in Washington D.C.: “The Guatemalan border with Chiapas is now our southern border.”

In a rather strange and rambling speech, Bersin went on to tout the cooperation between U.S. and Mexican authorities on policing our common border, and, despite the ever-increasing influence the drug cartels have over Mexico, he claimed the rule of law has been restored to the border region.

“The economy contributes to it but the enforcement posture in the United States has increased since 1993 in a way that was absolutely unforeseen. One of the great bipartisan accomplishments of the last generation, some would say the greatest accomplishment, Republicans and Democrats alike, was restoring the rule of law to the U.S.-Mexican border,” Bersin said.