Fact Check: Renee Ellmers Does Not Share Immigration Views With Cruz, Lee, Paul As She Claimed

From breitbart.com:

Reeling from controversy over her ill-fated radio interview with Laura Ingraham, Rep. Renee Ellmers is claiming she has the “same position” on immigration as Sens. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee.

But a review of her position – and theirs – shows that isn’t true. And a spokesman for Lee even sought to put some distance between the Utah Senator and Ellmers on the issue in a statement.

Ellmers’ claim came from the Moore County GOP convention March 15, where she said “my opponent is hitting me on that saying that when I’m standing for is amnesty and pathway to citizenship—and I’m not. I’ve repeatedly said over and over again that that is not the case and apparently he just doesn’t seem to understand that so I’m going to clarify that. My position is the same position that Ted Cruz has, my position is the same position that Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Dr. Ben Carson have.”