Fleeing wrath of vicious cartels, record-breaking numbers of Mexicans seek political asylum in the U.S.

From nydailynews.com:

Mexicans are running from drug cartel horrors and seeking asylum in skyrocketing numbers. Refugees tell the Daily News they ran for their lives for chance at safety in the U.S., where more than 23,000 Mexicans fled in the first nine months of 2013.

Antonio Chavez decided he just couldn’t take it anymore when enforcers from the terrifying Knights Templar drug cartel marched yet again into his small store in central Mexico, where villagers gathered to drink beer and shoot the breeze, and told him matter-of-factly that if he didn’t pay up, they would make him disappear.

The narcotics syndicate owns and extorts virtually every facet of life in the rural town of La Ruana, where Chavez, 47, was threatened with extinction if he didn’t hand over $150 each month as a “fee” for the music he played via his cell phone to entertain his regular customers.