Global warming gets nearly twice as much taxpayer money as border security

AZBD Note: Nearly twice as much money goes to a lie than goes to securing our borders. Global Warming is a fraud designed to bring about a global government. Only gullible people who don’t pay any attention to what is going on and useful idiots believe in this fraud.


New estimates show the federal government will spend nearly twice as much fighting global warming this year than on U.S. border security.

The White House reported to House Republicans that there are 18 federal agencies engaged in global warming activities in 2013, funding a wide range of programs, including scientific research, international climate assistance, incentivizing renewable energy technology and subsidies to renewable energy producers. Global warming spending is estimated to cost $22.2 billion this year, and $21.4 billion next year.

At the same time, the federal government will spend nearly $12 billion on customs and border enforcement this year.