Golf Clap for Martha McAmnesty and the AZ R Team

Open borders Communist Kyrsten Sinema defeats Open Borders RINO Martha McSally in the US Senate race. Let’s all give McSally and the McCainites at the AZ GOP a golf clap for losing not only a US Senate seat but also McSally’s old house seat to carpet bagging Commie Ann Kirkpatrick.

The AZ R Team has still not learned its lesson. Flake knew he had zero chance of winning the primary election due to his support of open borders. The McCainite run Establishment AZ R Team couldn’t stand the thought of a Republican who doesn’t support amnesty winning Flake’s senate seat so they got Sheriff Arpaio who couldn’t even win re-election in his own county for Sheriff to pull votes from Kelli Ward. With two candidates attacking Ward she couldn’t win the primary, and AZ voters knew McSally was nothing more than another open borders loving Flake/McCain wanna-be.

Milquetoast Governor Doug Ducey still pulled almost 200,000 more votes than McSally did. The R Team needs to wake up. The days of running open borders candidates and expecting them to win are over. Unfortunately open border loving Jon Kyl who was appointed by Ducey will retire soon and McSally will be chosen to take his seat.