Gun tossed, cash wired: Alleged efforts made to aid suspect in Newman police shooting

AZBD Note: All 7 of the murders buddies are illegal aliens. These people knew he murdered a police officer and instead of turning him in they helped try to get him back to their homeland. Why the HELL do we still allow this crap to go on? When will enough be enough America?


After allegedly shooting a Newman police officer, Paulo Virgen Mendoza spent the next two days traveling around Central California with help from several friends and family members, federal documents show.

Charging documents against the seven people accused of helping Mendoza detail their roles in the days and hours following the shooting of Newman Police Cpl. Ronil Singh.

The alleged accomplices of Mendoza, 32, provided him with changes of clothing, helped conceal his vehicle, drove him to multiple locations to hide, disposed of the murder weapon, harbored him in their home and paid a human trafficker $400 to get him to Mexico, according to an arrest affidavit by a Homeland Security special agent.

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