Harry Reid: Republicans More Afraid Of ‘DREAMers’ Than ISIS

AZBD Note: This is how Obama’s illegal amnesty will be funded by the Republicans. The Republicans flushed their only hand in the poker game down the toilet in December by funding the government and Obama’s amnesty. They decided to only fund the DHS until the end of February. Now the Democrats just have to stir up fear among the sheeple that ISIS will attack us unless the Republicans agree to fully fund the DHS including Obama’s amnesty. Even if the DHS is not funded they still go to work and will still get paid. But the Republicans WILL CAVE to the Democrats either by the end of this month or early next month. THEY ALWAYS DO. This is nothing more than Kabuki theater. 

From dailysurge.com:

While delivering a speech criticizing the Republicans’ approach to funding the Department of Homeland Security, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) accused the GOP of being more afraid of illegal aliens than of ISIS.

Reid began his remarks on the senate floor yesterday by rattling off a few of ISIS’s horrific attacks, namely the recent live burning of Jordanian pilot Muath Al-Kassasbeh.

Reid’s contention is with several Republican senators who are pushing for a vote on the House version of the Homeland Security appropriations bill, which would defund Obama’s executive actions pertaining to illegal aliens. You’re “hellbent on playing chicken with our national security,” Reid said of Republicans.