ICE Agent Reveals Shocking Item He Found On Over 1,000 Illegals He Arrested

The Angry Patriot 10:35 AM 12/3/2016

The liberal mainstream media are, once again, trying to hide the truth from the American people. We the People never want to be shielded from the truth—when will they get it?

A former United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent weighed in on the illegal immigrants voting debate. Retired Special-Agent-In-Charge Claude Arnold revealed it is extremely easy for illegal aliens to forge identity documents and obtain a driver’s license and a Social Security card—and then go vote.

Claude Arnold said the most popular document forging option for illegal immigrants is known as the “three-pack,” BizPac Review reports. The pack includes a counterfeit Social Security card, drivers license, and work authorization card.

Getting passable forgeries is incredibly expensive, right? Nope, not at all.

According to the retired ICE agent, the going rate for a three-pack ranges from just $120 to $300. A counterfeiter needs just a few hours to make an illegal immigrant appear… legal. Considering these documents are essential for illegal immigrants to function in our society, we do not have enough anti-counterfeit measures built into them. It should be, at least, much more expensive to try to forge official U.S. documents!

“I’ve worked in six locations across the United States. I’ve probably arrested more than a thousand illegal aliens in my career, and I routinely encounter people in possession of voter registration cards,” Arnold added.

When interrogating illegal immigrants after they have been caught, the former ICE agent said he would often ask the illegal aliens if they had voted. He said most answered, “yes.”

“That’s not just anecdotal. I’ve probably… closer to a hundred people I’ve encountered,” Claude Arnold continued.

It only takes a few brief seconds and a little math to realize Arnold’s experience indicates that about ten percent of the estimated illegal immigrant population in the United States voted. If ONLY that percentage of illegal aliens voted, about 1.2 million ballots cast by non-Americans infiltrated our electoral system. Not just in this election, of course, but also in years past.

The retired ICE agent’s experience appears to back up President-Elect Donald Trump’s comments about illegal immigrants vastly impacting the vote. It’s no wonder Hillary Clinton scored so many votes in California where so many sanctuary cities are located.