Illegal Alien Molests Ten Year Old Girl In Church, Claims She Was Asking For It

AZBD Note: And just remember, a bi-partisan effort led by the Republicans will give people just like this guy amnesty and allow them to stay in the country.


Hilario Ortiz Baltazar, 45, is an illegal alien. He’s one of those shining examples of humanity that Hussein Obama is importing to provide role models for us all as to what it means to be a “New American.” He’s also a pervert who likes molesting little girls.

Of course being an illegal alien pervert is nothing unusual and it doesn’t make him particularly noteworthy. The fact that he molested the ten-year-old girl in church does lower him substantially in the depravity hierarchy.

Baltazar is also not very bright. He got away with his crime the first time, leaving church unidentified and on the loose only to return the following Sunday to the scene of the crime. That’s when the little girl pointed him out to her mother and the Tempe, AZ Police Department apprehended him.