Is America’s Military Loyal To Its Commander In Chief?

AZBD Note: The title of this article does not make it look like it has anything to do with the border, but it does. Is the US Military loyal to the Constitution of the United States and will it follow orders of the President to help secure the United States? That is a good question since most high ranking members of the US military in the past 20 years have been Globalist stooges who have been far more interested in never ending war in other countries rather than truly securing the United States and advancing our own national interests.


The American constitutional restoration movement known as MAGA is now entering its most crucial phase. Like all revolutionary and counter-revolutionary movements, it is time for it to find out the answer to the BIG QUESTION: is the American military with all its branches of service, all its chain of command, when all the chips are down, supportive of it or not. Yes, or no.

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