It’s time we start calling out those responsible for allowing Illegal Aliens to kill Americans

A 5 month old baby boy will never know his father. This baby’s mother is now a widow. All because millions of Americans are traitors who want to turn the United States of America into a Communist shithole by flooding the country with illegal aliens, then giving them the right to vote..

Officer Ronil Singh was killed on Christmas night by an illegal alien gang member. Officer Singh was a legal immigrant from Fiji who came here legally and became a Police Officer with the Newman Police Department. Only hours prior to his death he had celebrated Christmas with his family. Now he’s dead.

The human scum that killed Officer Singh is an illegal alien gang member with two prior DUI convictions. In addition to already breaking several laws by coming here illegally and driving drunk multiple times the invader was carrying a firearm illegally and decided to shoot a cop because he was pulled over for suspicion of driving drunk yet again. It is illegal for illegal aliens to purchase firearms and it is illegal to carry a gun in California unless you have a CCW permit. How’s that gun control working out for ya California? The murderer was caught in Bakersfield, 200 miles South of Newman as he was trying to make his way back down to Mexico. Seven of the murders buddies were also arrested for aiding him, and at least two of them are also illegal aliens.

It’s time we start calling out the people who are responsible for allowing this madness of illegal immigration to go on. All of the following people have the blood of Officer Singh on their hands as well as the blood of many more Americans who have died at the hands of illegal aliens.

  • Former Presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton.
  • California’s politicians such as Governor “Moonbeam” Brown who made it illegal for police to report illegal aliens to ICE or Border Patrol.
  • Every single elected Democrat from Congress and the Senate all the way down to precinct committeeman.
  • Spineless leftist RINO Republican politicians such as John McCain, Jeff Flake, Paul Ryan and others who have pushed for amnesty and done everything they can to keep the border open.
  • The spineless morons who have taken over the Republican party and run it only as a fake alternative to the Democrat party.
  • Anyone who is still registered to vote as a Democrat. By this point you obviously approve of the destruction of the United States, and you are a traitor.
  • Anyone who supports Spineless leftist RINO Republicans. You also approve of the destruction of the United States, and you are a traitor.
  • Churches who in the name of God aid and abet law breakers.