Jailed Marine’s mom wants help from public

From wnd.com:

The mother of a U.S. Marine jailed in Mexico for inadvertently driving across the border with weapons that are legal in the U.S., is inviting concerned Americans to write to her son.

Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who has been held in Mexico since March, is in solitary confinement in a detention center were he has limited access to media but is allowed to receive letters, said his mother, Jill Tahmooressi.

Jill Tahmooressi said the letters would be an encouragement to her son.

“He needs to continue to hear from his supporters here in America, so that’s why we are asking for the public to write to him,” she said. “He has absolutely no distraction in that Mexican jail. Solitary confinement, no radio, no television; he is only allowed one book at a time, but he is allowed letters.