Judge Orders Construction Halt For We Build The Wall

JAZZ SHAW Posted at 9:21 am on December 5, 2019

Last time we checked in with Brian Kolfage and We Build the Wall, they were moving ahead with construction while facing multiple lawsuits from environmentalists and open borders advocates. Several months have gone by, but not much has changed except for the location and the specific groups trying to stop them. This time they’re moving ahead with a new section of wall in Texas. The work crews are ready to go, but a judge has ordered a halt to the construction on behalf of a butterfly sanctuary. (WaPo)

For nearly a year, allies of President Trump ignored seemingly every obstacle that might keep their right-wing group from building a crowdfunded wall at multiple points along the U.S.-Mexico border…

But a Texas judge on Tuesday issued what may be the strongest rebuke yet to the group, which is led by Stephen K. Bannon, ordering it to temporarily halt all construction because of possible harm to a nearby nature preserve.

A state judge in Hidalgo County ruled that the National Butterfly Center, a 100-acre riverfront preserve in Mission, Tex., could face “imminent and irreparable harm” if We Build the Wall continues with plans to erect a “water wall” between the nature refuge and a state park.

This butterfly center has been involved in the ongoing debate over wall construction in Texas from the beginning. The original argument was that any sort of tall wall could produce some sort of negative impact on the butterflies. My initial response to that was to ponder whether or not there was some way that the butterflies might lift themselves up in the air to go over the wall. But I suppose that’s just crazy talk.

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