Laura Ingraham Hammers Tea Party Express’ Sal Russo on Immigration


Tea Party Express Chairman Sal Russo defended his support of comprehensive immigration reform and cited a Michael Bloomberg-funded group to support his position on Laura Ingraham’s radio show on Thursday. Russo also expressed his support for an agricultural guest worker program, while suggesting that the United States had a massive labor shortage that it needed a new influx of immigrants to fill.

Despite this, Russo claims that he is on-board with anti-amnesty Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), a claim Ingraham strongly disputed.

“The broken immigration system line, Sal, I mean, when I hear that my ears bleed, OK, because that what Schumer and Pelosi and Jeb Bush and Leahy and Durbin that’s what they always say when they justify the fact that our laws are not enforced,” Ingraham said.