Massive dose of TRUTH: Open letter to illegal immigrants is something EVERYONE needs to read.

From Patty Newman:

It is the Rule of Law that has made our country exceptional. The same Rule of Law will protect you if you want to become an American or a legal resident.

The law doesn’t apply evenly in your country of origin; the consequence of lawlessness is what made you run away. But now you are asking us to ignore our own laws and make exceptions that are favorable to you. Be careful what you ask for, you have personally lived the consequences of “exceptions” to the Rule of Law.

We are trying to make our corrupt government accountable. We feel the obligation to teach you how to make your own governments accountable! We welcome all of those that are yearning to be free, we ask you to respect our laws. Come here legally and in an orderly manner.

Our politicians are using you; you’ve been used and abused by yours already! Wake up! Our protest is against our own government, it is not directed at you as a human being. Our politicians, both Republicans and Democrats, are taking advantage of you to serve their own interests. I hope you recognize that you are being lied to by both your government and ours. We don’t have jobs available here, and our National Debt is 17 Trillion dollars!

It is time to stop being fooled, you must demand your governments follow the law and faithfully apply it, we as Americans are trying to do the same. In the end, if we both do our civic duty, we will all achieve victory against tyranny.