McCain and Flake hold Townhall on Tuesday night only for invited guests who love amnesty and hate America.

John McCain and Jeff Flake continue their assault on the American family, the American worker and the rule of law by holding a townhall about amnesty for illegal aliens. But you’re not invited unless your a member of the Treason lobby as this is an “invite only” townhall! When will Arizonans receive representation instead of foreigners who have broken our laws and demand we give them special treatment?

The Treason Townhall will start at 10:00AM on Tuesday August 27th (you think this was only planned 2 days in advance?) at the Mesa Arts Center located at 1 E. Main Street, Mesa, AZ. A protest against amnesty will start two hours before. If you are in the area or can make the trip show up early and help protest the destruction of America.