Mexico Begins Deporting Migrants Who Rushed The Border Monday

JOHN SEXTON Posted at 5:01 pm on January 21, 2020

Yesterday a caravan of roughly 2,500 migrants stopped trying to cross Mexico’s southern border by bridge and instead waded across the river and attempted to get past a line of Mexican National Guardsmen waiting on the other side. That led to some rock-throwing by both sides but hundreds of migrants wound up being taken into custody by the Mexican authorities. Today, those migrants are already being deported by bus and by plane:

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…1,000 had tried to enter illegally Monday…and hundreds of them were apparently detained by Mexican National Guardsmen and immigration agents. Immigration officials estimated Monday night that 500 had evaded capture by the security forces.

Ebrard said Mexico already has begun deporting some back to Honduras, putting 110 on a flight to San Pedro Sula and sending 144 back by bus.

Honduran Deputy Foreign Minister Nelly Jerez said Mexico expected to deport 500 Hondurans a day on buses from Wednesday through Friday.

A few hundred people remained on small sandy islands in the middle of the river, waiting to see what would happen. The Mexican authorities refused to hand out any food or water and soon most of the migrants returned to the Guatemalan side of the border to regroup and find food.

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