NM:More Fast and Furious Scandal Allegations

From gunwatch.blogspot.com:

When this case first appeared, at the height of the first exposure of the Fast and Furious scandal, it was highlighted as an example of smuggling to the Mexican cartels that was *not* a part of the operation. It might or might not be significant that the BATFE agent quoted in the article is William Newell, who had a significant role in Fast and Furious, and whose testimony before congress became infamous.

Now, one of the victims of the prosecution is able to tell a bit of his story. He was never allowed bail from the time he was arrested. His release a few weeks ago was because of falsification of evidence by the BATFE or prosecution. There is a lesson here for those who feel they are up against a political prosecution. Cop a plea deal because of tremendous pressure from the prosecution: Result, you may get hammered anyway.