Pelosi Threatens Civil War: Democrat president could declare national emergency on guns

AZBD Note: The Democrats know they need to regain the Presidency, and they will NEVER give it up again. Trump wasn’t supposed to happen. It was supposed to be Hitlery who was going to hammer the final nail in America’s coffin. These traitors are serious and if they are ever handed power again in this country they will start a 2nd Civil War.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that if President Trump can declare a national emergency to construct his border wall, a Democratic president can use the same powers to take all sorts of steps the GOP won’t like.

She specifically suggested guns as an area where a Democratic president might try an end-run around Congress.

“Because if the president can declare an emergency on something that he has created as an emergency, an illusion that he wants to convey, just think of what a president with different values can present to the American people,” she said.

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