Rep. Steve King: GOP bracing for bruising amnesty battle


Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, considers 2013 a win for opponents of legalizing illegal aliens in the United States, but he fears a bruising fight in the new year against congressional Democrats and likely his own leadership.

In the wake of President Obama’s 2012 re-election and Democrats retaining the U.S. Senate, comprehensive immigration reform was considered by many to be as good as done. In May, Senate overwhelmingly approved the so-called “Gang of Eight” plan, which conservative critics immediately labeled as amnesty.

For King and other opponents of this approach to immigration reform, their plan was pretty simple.

“We formed a group in my office back in February to do battle with what was emerging from the Senate and what was starting to emerge from the House, against their amnesty legislation that was coming. Our goal was to get through the first month, then the second month and could we get to Memorial Day and then the Fourth of July, then Labor Day? Now could we get all the way to Christmas and we essentially have,” King said.