Tag Team of Treason: Obama and GOP take down of America.

boner sombreroWe’re going to start calling it like it is. This amnesty is the result of the Tag Team of Treason which consists of Obama and the Republican party. The GOP just showed it approves of Obamacare, money for ISIS, massive debt, and amnesty for illegal aliens. It doesn’t give a damn what you think. The establishment Republicans use voters like you as a tool. If you are still a member of either the Democrat or Republican parties you must either approve of the treason or enjoy being in an abusive relationship. If its the former then you are a traitor to this nation. If its the latter then seek help. Here is a news roundup on the destruction of America:

Illegal aliens flocking to “workshops” on amnesty

This Is Life Under Totalitarianism (Good links to Jeh Johnsons memos on amnesty)

Boner and the RINOs spending deals have increased the debt $3.8T in 3.8 Years