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Martha McSallly introduces bill supporting NAFTA Superhighway

Failed Senate candidate and appointed Senator Martha McSally is now pushing for a new highway called I-11 to be built from the Arizona-Mexico border in Nogales AZ to Phoenix and…

Martha McCantGetElected appointed to fill Juan McCains seat

AZ Governor Doug Ducey has appointed amnesty lover Martha McSally (G – Globalist Party) to fill McCain’s empty Senate seat when Jon Kyl leaves at the end of the year….

The Globalist Party

Martha McSally votes for Amnesty

AZBD Note: Traitors gunna trait. And this traitor is running for Senate. From newmediacentral.net: Martha McSally’s hopes at persuading voters that she’s the hard line immigration candidate Arizona has longed…

Fake Conservative group running radio adds asking you to thank Martha McSally. Lies about amnesty.

A fake Conservative group called “Mainstreet Advocacy” is running radio ads in the Tucson area requesting people call Martha McSally and thank her for voting to fully fund the DHS….

The Globalist Party

Fake Republican Martha McSally votes against Blackburn amendment to defund Obama’s DACA amnesty.

AZBD Note: Congratulations AZ CD2. You elected another fake Republican. McSally is listed as one of the fake Republicans who voted against the defunding of Obama’s DACA amnesty. Not that…