Totally Not Shocking: Mexico Admits Migrants Are Buying Children To Cross Border

JAZZ SHAW Posted at 10:41 am on July 2, 2019.

We’ve been hearing stories for quite some time now about illegal aliens showing up at the southern border with children in tow who turn out to not be their own. In some cases, it’s possible that they may be friends of the family, but in others, they are clearly either trafficking them across the border or hoping to use them as a get out of jail free card. Of course, we’re also regularly assured by Democrats and their friends in the media this either doesn’t happen or is so rare as to be discounted.

Now, however, their tune may need to change. As the Daily Wire reports this week, Mexican officials have admitted that this has been going on for some time and they’ve been warning women in border towns and cities to keep their children under a close watch because migrants have been offering to buy their kids. Also, the numbers of such incidents being discovered at the border is spiking sharply.

Verifying claims by U.S. border authorities that some illegal immigrants are using children who aren’t theirs to try to enter the United States, Mexican authorities have come forward to assert that illegal immigrants in Tijuana are preying on vulnerable single mothers in shelters by suggesting they sell their children to them.

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