Trump bows to conservative backlash over border wall funding

AZBD Note: Apparently the President has gotten the message. WE WANT THE DAMN BORDER SECURED AND WE DON’T CARE IF THE GOVERNMENT IS SHUT DOWN. In fact most of us would love to see the government shut down. Maybe the American people will come to realize all of the “non esential” government employees just aren’t needed. FIGHT Mr. President, thats what the American people want you to do.


WASHINGTON (AP) — Rattled by accusations he was caving on his promised border wall, President Donald Trump instead bowed to a conservative backlash.

After signaling earlier in the week that he was backing off a government shutdown threat, Trump rapidly changed course on Thursday, informing House Republican leaders that he would not sign a short-term funding measure because it did not include money for a southern border wall. His second reversal in a matter of days — with time left to pivot yet again — came after conservative allies and pundits savaged him for waffling on a central campaign promise.

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